New Ways To Enhance Your Websites

The world is constantly changing, if you take fashion for example that was one of the major industries that changed. Back in the 90s you would see women wearing baby doll dresses with leggings underneath it, ballet flats. In the early 2000s it was frosted lip gloss, low rise jeans with bedazzled pockets, halter tops and more. But now it there are bright neon green dresses, faux fur, tiered clothes and more. So as you can see everything changes, and some it might make a comeback, and some might not. The whole point of this is to show how quickly trends appear and disappear.

Take another example social media, before it was Myspace, and Facebook, but now Instagram is thriving, Myspace doesn’t even exist anymore, same with Vine, Tik Tok replaced Vine, some people have never even heard of it.

Everything is the same, which includes web designing, nobody wants their websites to look how they looked 5 years ago. Those trends also changed. Just go online and look for a recently made website, and look for one that was made 5 to 10 years ago, there will a complete difference. People just assume that trends only occur in fashion, because of how people dress and how they changed it up. But these also changed the thought towards other things too, you have to take a look at the multimedia trends in web design 2020. Trust me they are not what they were back in 2010. 

What is multimedia web designing?

Multimedia is an integration of various things, more overall it is an art form. This is taken in when doing web designing. Web designing is a composition of different skills, there are different areas when it comes to this, such as graphics, the interface, the software and so on. Now when you look through sites you’ll see that it isn’t just the text that is on there, but videos and pictures are also incorporated. This is where the multimedia comes into play, multimedia uses both the creative and technical skills to when designing. The mains things that are being dealt with on multimedia is the use of 3D models, the design and contrast concept, animation, illustrations, advanced imaging and more. 

The main place that you can see these sorts of things are in video games, or information kiosks, websites, and other interactive applications. Many people are jumping at the chance to introduce this into sites because it will help attract people. But more overall it is something new, so why not give it a shot. It can only help in achieving something good, it can’t go bad. When putting web designing and multimedia together you could create something you never thought you could do. Multimedia that was once specific to certain forms of entertainment, such as augmented or virtual reality are now being used in all types of web application. The adult entertainment is a huge space that looks to develop multimedia content utilizing virtual reality and augmented reality. Whether it is for VR pornography or casual sex apps offering a VR teaser of a local hookup match these companies are capitalizing on new multimedia technology to innovate in their fields.

The advantages and disadvantages of using multimedia in web designs

There are many reasons as to why this is beneficial, one being it will create more engaging content. Nobody wants to read through a block of words, it’s just not interesting, but when you add image and videos it will break up the text, and make it more eye catching, and increases the number of viewers. Also if people are looking for information and they also want to look for a picture based on the related subject they won’t have to leave the sight if you use multimedia as you can have related pictures. This is good as it will allow you to retain viewers, it would also create a better brand image as the more viewers you get the more popular the site becomes. This will allow you to a better SEO, which is essential if you want it to be the number one site that people lean towards. So overall multimedia has a good coverage on it.

However the things about this is that making these sites will take time, and can also be costly, because there are so many stages that it  has to undergo. First of all the planning of it has to be done to a precise detailing, then comes the production of it, after that it is the maintenance, this will have to be done almost all the time if you don’t want it to crash. Now it is not possible for you to build the site, you will have to hire a developer, which will only increase your costs. Also using images and videos means that the loading speed will be slow and lag, which people will not be patient about, they will move on to another which will load faster.

It’s important to consider certain factors when choosing whether or not to adapt to multimedia sites. You should always consider the goal of your site, the purpose of it and what kind of content you want to have.

Trends we like

Before getting to the multimedia trends in web design 2020, you have to know what a web design trend is. And I’m pretty sure that most people haven’t heard what this is, well there is nothing special about it, and it is the same as any other trend, except this takes places with designing websites. 

Here are some of the most popular trends of this time:

  • Bold colors; this will allow brands to pop, the more color the more it attracts.
  • Animations, gifs, and dynamic illustrations; animations are quite popular and captures people’s as they could spend hours and hours watching it.
  • Asymmetric layouts; making it less ordered gets rid of the blandness of a straight line.
  • Giant typography; big words that are loud and will shout at you to read them are something more people are using nowadays.
  • CSS grids; this will ensure that the users get the same high quality feed on any device without considering the size of it.
  • Scalable vector graphics to boost mobile priority; making it more accessible to mobile users is great.
  • Hand drawings; this adds a unique sense to the site.
  • Voice capable interfaces; this trend is increasing as it is simple, and makes life easier.
  • Artificial intelligence; allows web designers to be more effective.
  • Brutalism; types of texts that create an aesthetic piece towards it.